MSI empowers manufacturing and production companies to do what they do best by providing them full-service contract manufacturing services. Throughout each step of production, our lean manufacturing principles extend to our customers:

  • increased efficiency
  • controlled costs
  • reduced waste

Our 20-year proven track record, extensive supply chain network, and complete assembly services enable us to deliver scalable, turn-key solutions to meet customer demand. All products are assembled on-time, on-budget, and as cost-effectively as possible.



When it comes to CNC cutting and kitting, our experienced composite staff can design and cut complex geometries in a variety of carbon fiber products. We also utilize state-of-the-art automated cutting equipment to assemble detailed stack-ups.

Other services include: work-in-process storage, handling, and transportation.


We apply lean manufacturing principles in all phases of our manufacturing and logistics processes to boost productivity and reduce costs.

Using the latest technology, we’re constantly collecting and analyzing manufacturing data. When we see an opportunity to increase efficiency, we’ll quickly implement changes that lead to shorter cycle times and improved responsiveness to fluctuating customer demand. This constant data analysis also enables us to identify waste and reduce production time at all stages of the manufacturing process, from planning and scheduling to fulfillment. The cost savings is passed on to our customer.

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